Creating New Exercises

Your exercise library will come equipped with all of TrainHeroic's exercises. In fact, your library will update in real time with any enhancements that TrainHeroic makes. With CoachHeroic, you can add to your library by building your own exercises anytime. 

First, Login to your coach account. 

You can create exercises while building workouts by clicking on the New Exercise option from the exercise library.


Or, you can go to the Library drop from the left hand navigation and select Exercises.



You'll notice a list of All Exercises, with an additional option to view My Exercises. The All Exercises option is a list of all of the exercises in your library. This list includes all of the exercises that TrainHeroic has created, along with any exercises that you've added to your library.




Let's get started by creating a new exercise. Select Create Exercise on the right-hand side of the page.


Add the exercise's details. Keep in mind that you can always edit exercises too.



Simply add a YouTube or Vimeo link to the Video URL Field to add a video.

Note: Youtube links will need to be "Public" or "Unlisted." All Vimeo links must be "Public."


Anytime that your exercise is added to a workout, the movement name, points or performance, and video will display for your athletes. It will look like this.

Next, you'll notice a few fields to update on the right hand side. These are NOT required but they can save you some time in the long term and importantly, make sure that your exercise library is setup to track your athletes' progress in the future.

First, set the default parameters so that you don't need to set these each time you add this exercise to a workout. For example, in the example below, I'll always program this exercise (well... not always but you get my point) for reps at a particular % of an athlete's 1 rep max. So, I'll set that up like this:


Next, setup the reference max and track as option. 

Reference Max- will tell the system which max to look at when you prescribe percentages. For example, if you want this lift to pull from their back squat max, select back squat here. 

Track As- This will use the lift max for weight prescriptions and if the athlete PRs the new exercise, it will also update the max that it's tracked back to. 


Tags- Add tags to categorize your exercises. These tags will be visible when you select an exercise from the workout designer. 


If you're looking to track an exercise but can't find an exercise in our database to match your exercise, please let us know by emailing

CoachHeroic saves in real-time, so all of your changes are saved as you create an exercise. Click away from the exercise creation screen anytime to exit.

If you have questions about creating exercises, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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