Creating New Exercises

Your Exercise Library will come equipped with all of TrainHeroic's Exercises. You can add to your Library by building your own custom Exercises anytime, too! 

You'll be able to create Exercises only the fly while building a session, or ahead of time from the Library.

From the Session Designer:

After adding a block to a session, select the "New Exercise" option shown below.


From the Library:

Select Library from your left-hand navigation.


Then select "Exercises."


You'll notice a list of All Exercises, with an additional option to view My Exercises.

Your Library includes all TrainHeroic Exercises, along with any custom Exercises that you've added to your Library.

Note: The TrainHeroic Library is shared with all coaches, however your personal Exercises are private.



Select Create Exercise on the right-hand side of the page to create a custom Exercise.


Add Exercise Details:

Next, you'll add the Exercise details.

You'll be able to edit these anytime by simply selecting one of your Exercises from the Library, and saving your changes in the drawer pictured below.


Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Give your Exercise a unique name

2. Add a video, by pasting a YouTube or Vimeo link into the video field

Note: Youtube links will need to be "Public" or "Unlisted." All Vimeo links must be "Public."


3. Set Default Parameters

These Parameters will inform your prescriptions when you're building a session, so that you don't need to set these each time you add this Exercise.

With lifts, always set the Parameters to 'Reps,' then 'Weight.' This helps us to identify your Exercise as a lift, or and Exercise with a working max. This is especially important for using Analytics, or prescribing percentages of an athlete's working max.


With nonlifts, you're only required to set Parameter 1. We'd encourage you to choose a Parameter that you'll use for prescriptions and tracking purposes. For example, you may choose to set your first Parameter to 'Seconds' for 40 yard dash.


Note: With nonlifts, the 1st Parameter will serve as a prescription and will be the primary tracking metric.

4. OPTIONAL: Set 'Reference Max' and 'Track As.' 

Note: Both options reference the TrainHeroic Library only.

'Reference Max' will inform the system which max to look at when you prescribe percentages. For example, if you want this lift to pull from the TrainHeroic Back Squat max, select Back Squat here. 

'Track As' will combine history for an Exercise. In other words, data logged for the custom Exercise will influence the history, PRs, and working maxes of the TrainHeroic Exercise.


5. OPTIONAL: Add Tags

Tags categorize your exercises. These tags will be visible for you to select as a filter to narrow your search when adding an Exercise to a session.


6. Save

If you have questions about creating Exercises, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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