Adding Saved Workouts to Your Calendar

Your job as a coach is to keep your team's calendar updated at all times. Your athletes have access to your team's calendar so any workouts that you add to the calendar, once published, are accessible by all of your athletes in real-time.

You can quickly add saved template programs and calendar programs to your team's calendar. You can also create a training session from scratch on your team's calendar. If you've saved workouts as templates to your workout library, you can quickly drag and drop workouts onto your team's calendar too. Here is how.

First, Login to your coach account. The program's admin can add coach accounts to give other coaches access to CoachHeroic. Click here to learn how.

Select the team or program whose calendar you'd like to update.

On the right-hand side, search for your workout by name in order to view the workout.

Hover over the workout to preview. 

Simply drag and drop the workout on your training calendar.

Be sure to click "Publish Changes" in order to publish any changes made to your calendar. Any time that the Publish Changes button is bright and green, there are changes to publish. Athletes won't receive updates to the team's calendar until you publish these changes.

If you have any questions on adding workouts to your team's calendar, or anything else, please email

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