Saving Circuits

Quickly save Circuits that you'll want to track and re-use. 

From the Session Designer, select 'Save Circuit to Library' just below the Circuit Details.


You can also create a New Circuit in the designer by adding a new block and selecting "New Circuit." 


Then, create your Circuit and select "Save Circuit to Library."


You'll see a drawer on the right-hand side of the page where you can edit the details of your Circuit and save.

Note: Your videos are attached to Exercises. If you would like to add a video to a Circuit for a movement that is not in the Exercise Library, you will need to create an Exercise first.



Now you can search for and re-use this Circuit when building a new Session, and you'll be able to track any progress for a single saved circuit with our Classic Benchmark Reports, found in 'Analytics & Reports.'

Email if you need any help with this, or anything else!

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