Creating Teams

Before your athletes individually sign up for TrainHeroic, you need to designate a place for them to go. 

Once you're logged in to TrainHeroic, your home page will be the My Teams page. CoachHeroic is a suite of coaching resources that organize, analyze, and track your athletes in order to achieve your coaching objectives.

Specific to the task of creating teams, coaches can group athletes in an almost unlimited number of ways. Athletes (and coaches) can belong to multiple teams, too. By grouping athletes to a team, you efficiently deliver a common and current training program to them and, as a coach, can now analyze the team's training behaviors and progress.

Here is how you can Create a Team.

First, Login to your coach account. 

You’ll see a list of all of your teams. Simply click on a team to edit an existing team.


Or, "+ Create New" to create a new team.

Then, add the team’s details. Details include the team’s name, description, and images that best describe the team. Keep in mind you can always edit this information.

Next, click on the team’s calendar. The team’s calendar is where you can add programs or training sessions so that each athlete on the team can access this at any time.


Be sure to click publish in order to make the workout live on your athletes' calendars any time that you've made a change to the team's calendar.


Manage your team by creating access codes for athletes who will need to join your team.

The teams page also allows you to start a team workout and print workouts for your athletes.

Invest in some technology to bring TrainHeroic to life by displaying the full screen leaderboard in your weightroom.

Hit the help button to send us a question if you need a spot.

We strongly encourage all of our coaches to schedule a free intro session with our team to take a deeper dive into My Teams and to answer any questions that you have. You can do that by clicking here.

If our team can be helpful in any way, please send us an email at



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