Invite Your Athletes to TrainHeroic

Your athletes will create their accounts when they're invited to a Team. We recommend 1 of 2 ways to invite your athletes.


Option 1: Live and In-Person, say something like this:

"Team, I'm excited to announce that we're going to begin tracking our training sessions using TrainHeroic.

We're eager to get this started and here is how you can setup your TrainHeroic account in 3 easy steps:

1. Download the app at the iOS App Store or Google Play store by searching for TrainHeroic
2. Create your account with your Name, Email, and password
3. Enter your Access Code: [include your Team's Access Code here]

Once you've plugged in the Access Code, you will also have the opportunity to create your profile, and take a quick tour of the app.

On a daily basis, you'll view your training sessions, log your work, track your progress, communicate with your coach or team, and see where you place on the Leaderboard.

We're excited and you should be too!

If you have any questions on the benefits of the change, please let me know.

If you have any technical issues along the way, please email

Option 2: Invite Athletes through your Coach Account

To send an email through the platform, simply:

  1. Go to your Athletes tab
  2. Select 'Invite Athletes'
  3. Upload a CVS file with your athlete's emails, or enter them manually
  4. Include a custom message (optional)
  5. Send!

Your email will look something like this:


 Note: Emails through the platform may land in Spam with strict email settings. If you're using school emails, please communicate this with your staff and students.

If you have any technical issues along the way, please email


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