Adding Calendar Programs to Your Team

Each of your teams has a unique training calendar. As the coach of your team, you have full control over your team's calendar. In fact, you can update your team's calendar in real time. 

You have several options for editing your team's calendar. You can add programs to your team's calendar and you can add a single workout to any date on the calendar. 

Calendar training programs are a great option if you have multiple teams using the same training program. With one click, you can add and remove a calendar training program to your team's calendar. 

First, Login to your coach account. Select the Team you wish you edit.


Next, click on Programs to view a list of programs that you can add to the team's calendar.

Select the Calendar icon from the right-hand side of the menu.


Simply click the calendar program to add that program to your calendar. You can turn  calendar on or off in just one click.


You can edit a calendar program's training session at anytime too. Simply click the edit buttons in the upper right hand corner of each workout, and then select edit in order to make changes. Changes can be as simple as changing the date of a training session, or adding or removing elements of a training session. 

Keep in mind that in order to make any changes to a calendar program's training session, you will first need edit that session to make it your own. This unlocks the session and disconnects it from the calendar program.

If you have any specific questions regarding adding calendar programs to your team, or anything else, please let us know.

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