Adding Master Calendars to Your Team

Master Calendars provide once central calendar to maintain programming for multiple Teams. With a Master Calendar, you can easily turn programming on and off for your Teams.

With an Elite account, you'll have access to pre-built Master Calendars. You can also create a Master Calendar from scratch.

First, Login to your coach account.

1. Select the Team you wish you to apply a Master Calendar to.


2. From the Team calendar, click on the 'Add From Library' icon in the upper right-hand menu to view a list of programming that you can add to the Team's calendar.


3. Simply select the Master Calendar to apply that programming to your Team's calendar.

To unsubscribe the Team, simply select the Master Calendar again. 


With a paid coach account, you can edit the applied programming on the Team's calendar, too.

1. Simply click the three dots at the top right hand corner of the training session first.

3. Click "Copy and Edit" to adjust the workout.

3. Next, click Unpublish to edit the session. Once unpublished you can move your session, swap, delete, or superset Exercise blocks.

4. Once you've finished making your changes, remember to hit the 'Publish' button so that your athletes can view the updated training session.

If you have any specific questions regarding adding calendar programs to your team, or anything else, please email

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