Adding Programs to Your Team's Calendar

Your job as a coach is to keep your team's calendar updated at all times. Your athletes have access to your team's calendar so any workouts or programs that you add to the calendar, once published, are accessible by all of your athletes in real-time.

Workouts can be created directly on the team's calendar. A more organized approach is to create programs. Then, once a program is created, you can add programs to your team's calendar. This takes an additional step but make the process repeatable and scalable to be used on multiple teams' calendars.

First, Login to your coach account. 

To add a template program to your team's calendar, select the library icon from the left-hand navigation menu. 


Next, select find the program you'd like to add to a team and select the Assign button on the right. 


Next, select the team you'd like to assign the program to or add a new team via the pop-up menu. 


Select the start date and hit GO.


You'll see a pop up letting you know that you were successful adding the program. 


If you have any questions on adding programs to your team's calendar, or anything else, please email

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