Adding Template Programs to Your Team's Calendar

Your job as a coach is to keep your team's calendar updated at all times. Your athletes have access to your team's calendar so any workouts or programs that you add to the calendar, once published, are accessible by all of your athletes in real-time.

Workouts can be created directly on the team's calendar. A more organized approach is to create programs. Then, once a program is created, you can add programs to your team's calendar. This takes an additional step but make the process repeatable and scalable to be used on multiple teams' calendars.

First, Login to your coach account. 

To add a template program to your team's calendar, select team's from the toolbar on the left.

Select the team whose calendar you'd like to update.

On the right-hand side, select the paper icon labeled programs.

Select the type of program that you'd like to view (program templates, calendars, or subscriptions) in order to search for a program in your library.

Search and Click the name of the template program you want to add. (note: it will take about 10s for your template program to populate on your calendar).

This brings a pop up that allows you to choose your Start Date.

Please note that if you have auto-publish turned on prior to adding the program to your calendar your workouts will show a gold color instead of green indicating that they will be published at a specific time. For more information on auto-publish please click here. 

If you have any questions on adding programs to your team's calendar, or anything else, please email

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