Modifying a Calendar Program's Workout

You can modify a Calendar program's workout on your team's calendar anytime. In fact, most of our coaches do just this. Here is an example... Perhaps you use the Explosive Athlete Program to train your team, but your schedule is unique. For example, your team trains Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Well, the Explosive Athlete Program is 4 days/week and is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Rather than creating a new program from scratch, you can simply modify the Explosive Athlete Program's workouts so that it matches your team's calendar. 

First, Login to your coach account. The program's admin can add coach accounts to give other coaches access to CoachHeroic. Click here to learn how.

Select your teams from the CoachHeroic Teams page.

Next, click on Programs to make sure the team is using the calendar program you're wishing to edit.

Select Calendars from the right-hand side of the menu.

You'll notice that on the right-hand side of your screen, a calendar program is highlighted. That means that the team is using that calendar program. You'll also notice that each workout that is part of that calendar program is also highlighted with the same color. Each highlighted workout is part of the calendar program.

To make changes to a workout that is part of an active calendar program and on your team's calendar, you must first click on the edit button and select edit in the upper right-hand corner of each workout. Once you do this, you have full control over that workout. You'll also notice that the highlighted banner disappears. This means that the workout is no longer connected to the calendar program and instead is unique for the particular team that you're editing.

Drag and drop elements within a workout to another workout. Or, change the dates of a workout. You can quickly delete elements or an entire workout too.

Be sure to click Publish Changes in the upper right-hand corner if you make any changes to your team's calendar. Changes are not published to your athletes' calendars until you click this option.

If you have any questions on modifying a workout on your team's calendar, or anything else, please let us know. We're here and happy to help however we can.

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