Saving Sessions

Planning on re-using a single session again? Maybe you've programmed an intro day, rest day, or test day and you'd like to be able to drop that on a calendar at any point in time. We've got you covered, coach.

1. First, click on the specific team (or program) with the original session that you'd like to save.


2. Next, click on the three dots next to the name of the session that you'd like to save and select "Save to Library as."


3. From the drawer on the right, re-name and save your session so you can easily search for it later.


To search for a saved session, select the calendar icon on the upper-right hand corner of the team calendar and start typing the workout's name in the search bar.


From this list, select your session and choose a start date, then hit 'Save.' That's it, coach!


If you have any questions about saving sessions, or anything else, please let our team know. Email anytime if you need a spot.

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