Access Codes

Access Codes make it easy for athletes to quickly join a team and begin training. Think of your Access Codes unique password to join a Team for FREE access.

Here is how to create an Access Code: 

1. Select "Teams" (or Library>Program) from the left-hand side, and choose the specific team that you'd like to create an Access Code for.
2. Select the "Settings" cog next to your team.
3. Click "Access Codes" from the menu on the left hand side.
4. Create a unique Access Code. Notice that as you create an Access Code, you're also creating a direct link to signup for that team using the Access Code.
5. Athletes will receive the Access Code in their email invite OR they can enter it in our iOS/Android app.
Note: Deleting an Access Code will NOT kick current athletes off the team. It will simply prevent former athletes from re-joining the Team using that Access Code.
Also Note: Access Codes are required for Teams, BUT they're optional for Programs.
If you have any questions on Access Codes or anything else, please contact our Customer Success Team at
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