Creating Your Team's Page

Creating an effective Team page is a work of art. To clearly and concisely communicate enough information to an athlete so that they feel comfortable making a purchasing decision, yet not too much information so that they actually read and review it takes some time and effort.

A Winning Team Description answers the following:

  1. What is your team all about?
  2. Who specifically is your team for? And, who is it NOT for?
  3. What goals are being targeted and what should athletes expect?
  4. How long is the average training session?
  5. What equipment is generally required?
  6. Why is your community + team culture unique?

You can even add a video link to your team's description!

Here is an example of a winning team description.

Here is how you can add or edit your team's description:

1. Login to your account here:
2. Click on My Teams, found on the left-hand side page, to view your teams. Select the team you'd like to edit.
3. Once you've selected the team, click on the Settings tab.
4. Click Marketplace on the left hand side.
5. Create a winning team description, add a video URL to SHOW athletes what they're signing up for, and select a sample week so that athletes can preview a week of training too.
6. You can preview your team's page by clicking on the team's link once you're ready to go.
If you have a question on creating your team's page, making changes, or anything else, please let our Performance Team know by emailing us at
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