EAP: Recovery Cycle

Explosive Athletes… We are now in a 4 week Recovery Cycle. We recommend taking the next couple of weeks off, and your body can use the rest. Keep in mind that athletes don’t make gains by training, but by recovering from training.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be workouts programmed for those teams and athletes with slightly altered schedules. It’s important to understand that after a long season, or continuous training, you need to rest, recover, and let your body and nervous system regenerate. If you don’t allow your body to properly recover and regenerate, you are setting yourself up for failure, or even worse... injury!  You will never reach your full athletic and strength potential without allowing and giving your body the necessary time to rest and recover.

Starting the first Monday in January, the off-season program will kick-off with an 8 week Prep Cycle. You’ll need to be rested and fully recovered to make the necessary gains during the off-season program.

That being said, if you’re training, let’s do things right. The Recovery cycle will focus on mobility, recovering from a long-season, and we will work the nagging injuries out of our system. We will still throw around heavy weight, because that’s just what explosive athletes do, but the volume will be low and we’ll back off quite a bit so that your nervous system has adequate time to regenerate.

In-season athletes should train 2x each week.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you can review the Explosive Athlete In-Season Program here.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Team's Message Boards. Let’s get after it!

-Coach Couch


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