EAP Cycle 4: Finisher Cycle

Explosive Athletes… It's time for the final off-season cycle, the Finisher Cycle… This is our last big chunk for the off-season program and this cycle primes us for the everyday grind of the season. I believe that games are won and lost in the off-season and these next 8 weeks are where you can take an early lead on your opponents. Are you willing to prepare to be a champion!?

The Explosive Athlete's Finisher cycle is 4 days per week. The cycle will be broken up into 2 days of Lower Body work, with a max-effort day and a dynamic-effort day.  The other 2 days will be devoted to Upper Body workouts and also split into a max-effort day and dynamic-effort day.  


Lower body max-effort days will start with max reps on back squat at 85% of your 1RM. The goal here is 5 or more reps and we want you to go until you can't hit another rep.  The second week, will be the same idea except the weight will be dictated by 90% of your back squat 1RM. Again, you will go for max reps and the goal is 3 reps or more.  The third week is max reps at 95% of your 1RM Back squat max with the goal of 2 or more reps.  The last 4 weeks will strictly be testing for the Back Squat, with a 5, 3, 2, and 1RM’s.  I expect huge numbers and gains here! The dynamic-effort lower body days will focus on the front squat. Dynamic-effort days are all about speed, explosiveness and aggressiveness on each and every rep. You should hear bars rattling because they're moving so fast. If the weight feels light on Dynamic effort days, MOVE IT FASTER! We will be testing a new Power Clean 1RM at the end of this cycle after completing an intense Power Clean program for all 8 weeks of the cycle. Stick to your numbers and attack every set. Each day is a chance to get better... or to get worse.

The upper body days will be very similar to our lower body days as we will be gaining strength through max repetitions.  The max-effort days will progress from 85% of your 1RM Bench Press, to 90%, and finally to 95% of your 1RM.  The final 4 weeks will be all about finding 5, 3, 2, and 1RM's.  The dynamic-effort days will develop explosive, dynamic, and fast attempts. Your focus on dynamic effort days is SPEED and nothing else.

Get ready for more conditioning and running as we get into playing shape. Each week will build off the previous one and we will drill field-specific drills like pro-agility and 5-10-5 drills along with straight line speed. We will be training build-ups (where you will turn a jog into an explosive sprint) and work on all out sprint work with 10, 20, and 40 yard all-out sprints.  We will have conditioning work one day per week outside of the weight room but I'll condition you in the weight room with some intense Finishers too. I use ½ gassers as my conditioning test in week 8, and we will build up to 16 by week 8, slowly and steadily. If you show up, don't quit, and work hard you'll be ready to dominate the competition. That's my promise to you.

Are you ready to put in the work!??

Prioritize Monday, Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday's workouts in that order. If you can only get 2 workouts per week, you should target Monday and Friday's.

To complete this program you'll need access to Barbells, Dumbbells, and some open space. That's about it.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Message Boards. Let’s get after it this week!

-Coach Couch

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