EAP Cycle 5: Grit Cycle

Explosive Athletes… Welcome to the GRIT Cycle… This cycle will test your will, your strength but more importantly your GRIT.  You will build off each previous week of work and be challenged day in and day out. The weight will continue to be added and the stress on the body will push you to the limits. We will see what you are made of.  Approach every training day like it is your last and attack each session, set and rep!

Just like our previous cycles training will be broken up into 2 days of Lower Body work, with a max-effort day and a dynamic effort day. The other 2 days will be devoted to Upper Body workouts and also split into a max-effort day and dynamic effort day.

For the lower body max-effort day we will be following a simple linear progression with the weight, meaning that each week, weight will be continually added from the previous week’s load.  Don’t worry, the volume will be relatively low week in and week out. All of the reps will be based off your percentages and the percentages will increase every week. Expect to be challenged on every rep. Put in the hard work and expect to max-out on your back squat in week 8. Your numbers will go through the roof.  Remember, if you want to be fast on the field, you have to be strong.  Look at the fastest people in the world (the 100m and 200m sprinters) they are absolutely chiseled and jacked. Be like them. The dynamic days will still be involved and these days allow us to remain explosive while still attacking heavy weight. Expect a lot of Power Clean work during this cycle and we will test the Power Clean at the end of this cycle too. Trust the program, stick with the numbers, and attack each and every set.

The upper body days will mirror the lower body days as we will be gaining strength through a linear progression. Again the bench press numbers will be based off a percentage of your 1RM Bench. The weights will continue to go up week after week but the volume (reps) will go down. Attack and get aggressive on each rep to see maximum gains and look to test the 8th week of the cycle. The dynamic days again will be low in reps with lots of sets where you can practice being explosive and fast. Get after these numbers and stay FAST. You should hear bars rattling. If the weight seems easy then move it FASTER!

The finishers in this cycle will also challenge and test your GRIT. They will be a combination of metabolic conditioning, Strongman and Mental Toughness workouts.  Each day will present a new challenge and obstacle, and how you respond to each will test your heart and determination. We will repeat each Finisher every 4 weeks during this cycle so you can track and see your progression.

In-season athletes should train 2x each week.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you can review the Explosive Athlete In-Season Program here.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Message Boards. Let’s get after it this week!

-Coach Couch

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