EAP: In-Season Cycle

I expect you to train 2x each week and I’ve added a recovery training session on Saturday. Training days are Monday and Wednesday. You don’t have to get your training done on these specific days, and the season will be unpredictable, I get it. Get your training in on whichever days that you can, and prioritize your recovery training session (scheduled for Saturday) for the morning after competition.

In-season training will be low in volume (there won’t be a ton of reps) but high in intensity (we will lift heavy weights). The goal of the in-season program is to keep you healthy and ready to dominate in competition, while maintaining the explosive power and strength that you’ve earned this off-season.

Trust the program, stick to the prescribed sets, reps, and weights, and dominate in the Finishers. I’ll see you in the win column and atop the Leaderboard!

Off-season athletes should train 4x each week.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you can review and overview of the Explosive Athlete program here.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Team’s Message Boards. Let’s get after it this week!

– Coach Couch

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