Programming FAQs

1. What equipment do I need to implement this program?

We understand what a high school weight room looks like. Programming for the Explosive Athlete, Dynamic Athlete, and Heroic Athlete programs are thoughtfully designed to work in a high school weight room. We expect you to have Squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, and open space. That's it!

Now, if you have some equipment that you've invested in that you love, like boxes, slam balls, sleds, med balls, bands, jump ropes, foam rollers, or any other cool gadgets, you can add these things in to each program. You have full control over the programming and we just ask that you tweak things mindfully, knowing that everything is programmed for good reason.

2. Our weightroom is very limited... How can we make this program work for our team?

Importantly, each training session is thoughtfully programmed so that your team can be divided into 3-4 Lift Groups. Lift Groups should be divided so that athletes with similar heights and strength are in the same group to maximize efficiency. Each Lift Group will start at 1 of the 3-4 stations, and rotate at the same time, every 10-12 minutes. Look for the station numbers in each workout.

In fact, each station will utilize unique equipment so that not all of the athletes will require a barbell, or squat rack, or any other piece of equipment. Each training session is designed so that your entire team is training relentlessly for the duration of each training session. This helps by allowing all of your athletes to train simultaneously, using unique equipment, and within time parameters that work for everyone.

There are always exceptions to the rule, and its your job as the coach to call an audible when its necessary. Don't have the right equipment? Not enough time? Scale exercises, movement, sets, and reps sparingly, but do so when necessary. If a movement is too difficult for an athlete or even for the team, scale the movement with something comparable, and work on that athlete's skill work after the training session.

 3. When do we Max out?

Maxing out depends on which program you're using. The Explosive Athlete Program, for example, tests during week 7 of each 8-week cycle. Keep in mind that an athlete's training maxes will update automatically using TrainHeroic. We use 1-rep max calculators to update an athlete's training max based on their training. This helps to take some of the admin duties off your hands, but more importantly, we can keep athletes progressing in real-time.

4. I have a question about the Strength program... How can I talk with the Strength Coach?

For specific questions on programming, please email

5. How do we approach in-season training?

In general, athletes should train 2x/week while in-season. Each training program will give specific instructions for in-season athletes. 

6. Our schedule is unique... How do we handle limited time in the weight room and only 3 days/wk?

Not every program's schedule is identical. Although most athletic performance programs are 4 days/week during the off-season and 2 days/wk during in-season periods, sticking to the schedule is not always possible. In fact, many program only train 3 days/wk. We've got you covered here too. Prioritize Monday, Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday's training sessions in that order.

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