Purchasing a Coach Subscription on TrainHeroic

Coach, we're excited to introduce you to TrainHeroic. You can learn more about how you can leverage TrainHeroic in your gym by clicking here.

TrainHeroic's coaching tools, CoachHeroic, empower you with tools to communicate training programs to your athletes, track their progress, and encourage competition and camaraderie. CoachHeroic allows you to create teams for your athletes, or for groups of athletes, and create and distribute training programs to each team.

We're excited to now allow coaches like yourself the ability to purchase programming from some of the top coaches in the game so that your athletes can benefit from these coaches' programming. We call this a group license. You can now purchase a coach subscription, effectively delegating the chore of programming for a monthly fee. You can even make small tweaks to the programming so that it fits your needs exactly. 

To get started, browse the marketplace for a team with programming that you'd like all of your athletes to have access to. 

Then, change the drop down in the bottom right corner to "Coach Monthly or Yearly." You'll notice the default is for athletes. You'll need to subscribe to CoachHeroic (You need a coach account in order to purchase coach subscriptions) and purchase the team's training program for all of your athletes.

Once you've completed the sign-up process, you can create teams, add the program that you purchased to your team's calendar, and invite your athletes to join for free.

Here are some resources to help you get started.

There is whole lot more that you can do on CoachHeroic and our team is standing by to be helpful however we can. We will reach out once we see that you've purchased a group license to confirm that you're off and running. And, if we can ever be helpful in any way, please just say the word by email us at



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