Getting Started as a seller in the TrainHeroic Marketplace

Scale Your Business by Leveraging TrainHeroic's Marketplace.

The TrainHeroic Marketplace is the virtual addition to your gym you’ve been looking for. This is an opportunity to sell your programming, to extend the walls of your gym, virtually, and reach athletes across the globe.

Your coach account can be setup to start selling team subscriptions in the marketplace. In order to ensure quality for our coaches and athletes, we ask that you let us know if you'd like your account to be marketplace-enabled. Once we enable your account, you're off to the races.

Here are the 10 things you need to know to get started:

  1. In order to sell in the Marketplace, you must have a Pro or Elite account.
  2. There is no additional cost to put a team/program in the Marketplace, and you can have you Marketplace Settings enabled by emailing your request, "Please enable my Marketplace Settings," to 
  3. Once your Marketplace settings are enabled, you'll be able to sell both Team and Program subscriptions to athletes and coaches.
  4. Your organization can be public or private in the TrainHeroic Marketplace.
  5. Team subscriptions are either monthly or annual subscriptions, which auto-renew each paid month. Teams run on a live calendar, and support interactions between teammates. Programs are a fixed number of sessions for a one-time purchase that give the athlete (or coaches) access for one year. Programs allow athletes to train independently.
  6. You'll set the price price for your Teams and Programs (we do have a minimum). As soon as they stop paying, the athlete (or coach) will lose access to your programming.
  7. You'll keep 70% of each sale. We will take 30% after a small transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 from the bank.
  8. You'll be paid on the 15th of each month, for the prior month's sales via direct deposit for US Coaches, or PayPal for international coaches.
  9.  There's a $200 minimum for payout. If you don't exceed the $200 minimum, we'll roll that balance over to the next payday until you hit the $200 mark. If you choose to be paid via check/snail mail, we'll cut the check once your balance hits $500 or more.
  10. TrainHeroic handles all of the athlete billing when they make purchases, as well as any technical support for your paying athletes (and coaches). You won't have to deal with a thing on the financial or banking side of things outside of getting set up to receive the payment.

Here are the next steps for selling in the Marketplace:

1. Set Up Your Marketplace Page

2. Making Money in the Marketplace: Tips for Success

Questions? Please email our team at

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