Creating Your Organization

Your Organization is your identity in the marketplace. Your organization is somewhere athletes can learn about you, your staff, and your teams in the marketplace.

To setup your organization, click your profile picture from the upper right-hand corner and select My organizations.

Next, update your description and images. 

You'll want to spend some time creating a logo and banner image for your organization. This stuff is more important than people give credit for. Seriously coach, a professional image WILL DRIVE SALES.

Here are some awesome examples to use as a reference point. Notice that the organization description does an awesome job of communicating who you are, who should be a part of your organization, and what an athlete joining a team in your organization should expect. Also take note of the how image-driven each organization's page is. You can click the images below to view each organization's page in the Marketplace.

Our team is always here to be helpful every step along the way coach. We understand how important the marketplace can be to running your business and we take that seriously. Please email our team at support@trainheroic.comanytime. If this is urgent, please give us a call at 855-688-5438

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