Creating Group Licenses for Your Teams

With Group Licenses, coaches can purchase monthly or annual access to your team's programming for their own group of athletes. Just like individual subscriptions, you set the price for monthly and annual access. We recommend charging 5-10x what an individual athlete pays to use your programming, but it's totally your call, Coach!

When a coach purchases a Group License, they will be given a Basic coach account which allows them to create a team, add your programming and invite their athletes to access the programming. 

Here is how to enable Group Licenses for your Teams...

1. Login to your account here:
2. Click on the specific team that you'd like to enable a Group License for
3. Once you've selected the team, click on the Settings tab.
4. Click Marketplace on the left hand side
5. Click Yes to the question about whether you'd like to sell your team's programming as a Group License.
6. Set your monthly and annual pricing. We recommend a price that is 5-10x what an individual subscription to your team is, but it's your call. The annual price is a minimum of 10x the monthly pricing.
If you have any questions on Group Licenses or anything else, please let our Performance Team know by sending an email to
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