EAP Cycle 1: Prep Cycle

Explosive Athletes… We’re in the first full cycle of the Explosive Athlete Program, The Prep Cycle. The Prep cycle will get you ready your body ready for the training that lies ahead. The Prep cycle, like all of our cycles, is 8 weeks long.

Your priorities during the prep cycle are to recover from a long tough season, build your aerobic system to the point where you can not only survive each workout, but thrive in each workout. We won't focus on conditioning this early in our training, but instead we will make sure you're conditioning is where it needs to be so that you can execute each movement to perfection. We will go through a linear progression in the Bench Press, benching 2x each week for the next 8 weeks. You should expect to see big improvements. Be patient, stick to the script, and follow my instructions closely. We will add 5lbs to your working reps on Bench Press after each training session.

We will develop perfect squat technique during these next 8 weeks. You'll Squat 2x each week,1 training session with Back Squat and another focused on Front Squat. A priority for the Prep cycle is to develop perfect squat technique so I don't want to see heavy weight in the Back Squat, Front Squat, or Cleans unless you're moving perfectly. Ask your spotter. If they lie to you and say "looks good" ask another spotter. Ask your coach.

If you have any nagging injuries from the season, NOW is the time to get these checked out and taken care of. See the trainer, see a sports doc or physical therapist, and do everything that you possibly can to recover. It’s going to be a long, tough, and rewarding off-season.

We need to lay a foundation during the Prep cycle that puts us in a position to add heavy weight and build explosive strength over the next 32 weeks. This is a marathon and we're just getting started!

In-season athletes should train 2x each week.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you can review the Explosive Athlete In-Season Program here.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Message Boards. Let’s get after it this week!

-Coach Couch


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