EAP Cycle 2: Explode Cycle

Explosive Athletes… The Explode Cycle is the next step in the Explosive Athlete Off-Season program. Get ready for an incredibly hard, but equally rewarding 8 weeks of training. Like all of our cycles, the Explode cycle is 8 weeks long. The first 6 weeks will build and week 7 will be a testing week. The 8th week will be a deload week in preparation for the next 8 week cycle, the Power cycle.

We will train 4 days each week, focusing on the lower body 2 days and the upper body for 2 days. Two training days each week are max-effort training days. That means that the intensity and the weight you will be lifting is extremely high. You’ll be routinely building to 5,3, and 1 rep maxes in all of your big lifts in our max-effort days. Two training days each week will dynamic-effort days. That means that SPEED is the focus. On dynamic effort days, stick to the exact weight prescriptions and move the weights violently and explosively.  If you want to be fast and explosive you have to train as such and these dynamic days are designed to create explosive athletes.  The combination of our max-effort and dynamic effort training will develop athletes that are ready to dominate the competition.  Every week you will see both a back squat and a front squat, where one will be a MAX day and the other a DYNAMIC day.  They will then switch the following week so that both areas are hit on both the movements (i.e. week 1 - MAX - 5RM Front Squat, DYN - 8x3 @50% Back Squat).

We will start working on some speed and agility, as well as running technique. Your finishers will be tough, and you must be willing to compete day-in and day-out. You will be exhausted after your training sessions, so expect that. Take care of your body by eating like a champion, staying hydrated, resting, and recovering. We program Homework for good reason too. If you want to be a well rounded athlete that is bulletproof from injury and strong on the field and in the game, then prioritize your homework after each training session or at night at home.

It will take time, and it will take hard work. This is still the beginning stages and things are just beginning to get fun!

In-season athletes should train 2x each week.  If you’re in the middle of your season, you can review the Explosive Athlete In-Season Program here.

Post questions, comment, and motivation to the Explosive Athlete Message Boards. Let’s get after it this week!

-Coach Couch


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