Inviting Your Athletes: A message for your athletes

Coach, let's get your athletes signed up for the team. Here is how...
First, Create an Access Code for each team
Now, send your athletes an intro email. I've provided an example below:
Hey, we're now offering all of our members a FREE membership to TrainHeroic. TrainHeroic is an online platform where you can get your workouts, log 'em, track your progress, and get immediate feedback on how you're doing with cool features like a live leaderboard and community message board. You're going to love it!
Your access code is:  [INSERT THE TEAM'S ACCESS CODE HERE]
If you have an iPhone, download the app by clicking here. If you have an Android, download here.
Here is how to create your account in the TrainHeroic app. Here is how to create your account in a web/mobile browser. 
Here is a quick video to intro you to TrainHeroic.
If you have any questions, please let us know. If you're having any technical issues, you can let us know or email the Performance Team directly at
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