Buying & Selling in the Marketplace

On TrainHeroic's Marketplace, coaches can buy and sell memberships to their teams. Here is how it works. Please excuse the cheesy personas below, but I think they do the trick:
Buying from the Marketplace:
As a coach, I enjoy managing my gym, coaching my members, and building my community. To be a sustainable CrossFit gym, or any other high-price high-touch facility, I know that I need my members to train using a meaningful, structured, and planned training program. If I'm being honest with myself, I don't feel comfortable creating this myself. In fact, I've been paying a local coach $100/month to prepare programs for my athletes each month. The TrainHeroic marketplace provides me with with programs created by industry leaders, which allows me to outsource training program creation altogether. Here is how it works:
  1. I login to my coach account
  2. I click on the Marketplace option from CoachHeroic
  3. I choose which team's programming I'd like to purchase for my members and click purchase
  4. I now have the purchased program as an available program to add to my team's calendar
  5. My athletes have immediate access to this program as soon as I add it to my team's calendar
  6. TrainHeroic took my credit card info when I made the purchase and I'm charged by TrainHeroic each month or year for this purchase
Now, I can simply manage my gym, coach my athletes, and build my community, never losing another minute of sleep over the anxiety of building meaningful training programs for the athletes that I care so much about!
Selling in the Marketplace:
As a coach, I have maxed out the membership at my gym. We have 200 members and my facility shouldn't responsibly have more than 15 athletes in it at once. I often have to turn members away. I also train some of the top CrossFitters in the country and I get inquiries all of the time from athletes around the country wanting to purchase a training program, the same program that my top athletes train with. I could open a new facility but there just aren't enough hours in the day to manage 2 of these things. The TrainHeroic marketplace provides me with an opportunity to extend the walls of my gym, virtually, and reach athletes across the globe. Here is how it work:
  1. I setup my Teams on TrainHeroic just like I would for the athletes at my gym
  2. There is a setting that I can turn "on" to place any of my teams into the TrainHeroic marketplace, which makes them available to the public
  3. I get to set the monthly and annual price that an athlete will pay to join my team and I can create access codes to allow my members to join for free too
  4. 15 days after the end of each month, TrainHeroic sends me a check for what I earned. They give me 70% of what I make and their cut is 30% after a small transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 that the bank takes
  5. TrainHeroic handles all of the athlete billing when they make purchases, the customer support, tech-support, and customer service. I don't deal with a thing on the financial or banking side of things outside of cashing the check each month
  6. There is no additional cost to put a team in the Marketplace but I did have to send a request to before they made my account marketplace enabled. They want to protect what content becomes available in the marketplace so they manage this closely
Now, with the click of a button, I am able to generate $5k/month in extra revenue for my family. The best thing about this is that I didn't have to take the risk of opening another facility. Instead, I invest a couple of hours into marketing my team with articles on our gym's existing website and ask my athletes to post about their training on social media. This is a game-changer!
If you have any questions on how the TrainHeroic Marketplace works, or anything else, please reach out to our team at
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