Sync Your Account with Pike13

Let's get your Pike13 account synced with TrainHeroic. Here is how...

First, login to your account. Then, select My Athletes from the menu on the left.

Next click on the three dots next to the Invite Athletes button.

This will bring you to a new screen asking you to authorize your Pike13 credentials. This will not create a new account, but simply authorize your existing account.


Click Login with Pike13, enter your Pike13 credentials and then Allow Access. The platform then prompts you to choose the business you want to join.

Next, sync each service in your Pike13 account with a team on TrainHeroic. The purpose of syncing a service with a team on TrainHeroic is to invite your athletes to a unique group on TrainHeroic, we call this group a team. Each team has a unique training calendar. Keep in mind that you can sync multiple services to the same team, you don't need to sync all services, and you also can create a new team from this screen too. Importantly, you will send an email invite to all of the athletes in a particular service when making this sync. All new athletes added to this service will automatically get the same invite. You can always come back and set this up later.

Congratulations! You've now synced your TrainHeroic account with Pike13. You can always login to your account here:

The next steps, if you haven't already, are to create teams and to sync your athletes with your team. Syncing your athlete to a team will connect your team to a service type in Pike13. All of the athletes that are a part of this service type will be invited to the team and any new athletes that are added to the service type will automatically be invited to TrainHeroic. TrainHeroic will send an email invite to the team to your members and your behalf.

You're now completely set up! The last suggestion we have is to schedule a training session with our Performance Team so we can catch you up to speed on how you can best leverage TrainHeroic. You can do that here. We'll dive into programming and managing your team. If we can be helpful in any way, please email

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