Syncing Your Athletes with Pike13

You've setup your account, added programming and now you're ready for athletes to join your team. Here is how to do this.

First, Login to your account and click on your team or create a new team by clicking Create New in the upper right-hand corner.


From the team's calendar page, Click the Settings icon to the right of the team.


Click the link labeled Change Sync Settings next to Pike13 Synced Services.

This will allow you to choose which Service from Pike13 will be synced to this particular team. The purpose of syncing a service with a team on TrainHeroic is to invite your athletes to this TrainHeroic team. Keep in mind that you can sync multiple services to the same team. Importantly, you will send an email invite to all of the athletes in a particular service when making this sync. Any updates to members that are part of this service will automatically send invites too.

Once you've set up each Service click Finish and Start Coaching.

If you have an questions about syncing your teams to service types, or anything else, please email the TrainHeroic Performance Team at

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