Selling Group Licenses on TrainHeroic

Coach, to-date you've likely sold athlete licenses to your team's training program. An athlete license allows athletes to see your team's training calendar, view your team's workouts, allows athletes to log their workout, participate in your team's community, and view the team's leaderboards. Athlete subscriptions only allow a single athlete to access your team's training program.

We noticed that many of the "athletes" that you were selling athlete licenses to were in fact coaches. Instead of viewing and logging the workouts, these "athletes" would write the workouts for their gym-members to see and do in-class. We needed to find a better way to distribute your team's programming to another coach's athletes that was fair to both you (the creator) and the coach (the instructor).

We've recently introduced Group Licenses as a product that you can sell in the Marketplace. Here is how this works.

Instead of selling an athlete license that one athlete can access, you have the option to sell a group license. A Group license can be purchased by a coach on TrainHeroic. This coach can then access your team's programming and place that program on custom teams that they can create for their groups of athletes. Every athlete on that coach's team(s) can now access your team's programming. These athletes are NOT on your team though, they're simply using your programming in their own group, hence the term group licensing.

Here is how you setup group licensing as a product in the marketplace.

Here is how you can explain how group license purchases will take place for coaches that are looking to buy a group license from you.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on group licensing or anything else, please let us know by emailing

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