We'd like to donate to a local Charity instead

We'd love to have your support and we understand that you might have a personal connection to another charity or a local charity. Here is our stance on this...

This is all about awareness and we'd be happy if you participated and donated any cash donations that your members bring to the event to the charity of your choice. We'd also ask that you register your gym for the event by clicking the link below, and just communicate that you encourage everyone to bring cash donations to the door that you will donate on your own.

You can signup here:

Please note that when athletes register for your event with the event link that we send once you signup, they are not required to donate at all. If they'd like a t-shirt sent their way they should understand that $10 of the t-shirt cost goes to the charities that we've selected for Lift Up Autism.

If you have any questions about donations for for the event, or anything else, please just say the word by emailing

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