What does RX mean on a Leaderboard?

You may have noticed on your team's leaderboard that athletes are now ranked not only on performance, but whether their performance was "RX" or not. You may also be wondering what the heck RX means???

RX means prescribed. It's a total CrossFit term that basically says if you completed the test exactly how your coach "prescribed" it, you performed the workout as RX. Prescribed indicates you met all weight and movement standards. IE: The workout called for 95lb squats and pull-ups and you put 95lbs on the bar, hit parallel or lower for every squat and got your chin over the bar for every rep.

However, if you scaled anything (SC) you'll want to slide that button over. If the toggle is blue, it means the workout was done as prescribed, if it's grey, the workout was scaled. This could be scaling pull-ups with ring rows or squatting 10lbs less than your coach suggested. Scaling is 100% OK. We all have to start somewhere, right? Use scaling as a building block so the next time you perform that workout you can mark it RX!

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