Promo Codes

Create coupon codes to instill a sense of urgency for athletes to sign up for your team.

Here is how you can create and manage coupon codes:

1. Login to your account here:
2. Click on the specific team that you'd like to create a coupon code for.
3. Once you've selected the team, click on the Settings tab.
4. Click Promo Codes on the left hand side.
5. Create a promo code.
Be sure to update how many times it can be used, the start date, expiration date, as well as discount amounts.
Athletes will go to and enter the promo code in the upper right hand corner. They'll be directed to the signup page. 
Athletes can also enter a code when making a purchase to adjust pricing.
If you have a question on creating your team's page, making changes, or anything else, please let our Performance Team know by emailing us at
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