Adding Assistant Coaches to Your Account


If you subscribe to TrainHeroic Elite, you can give another member of the coaching staff full administrative access to CoachHeroic as an assistant coach.

Choose this wisely, understanding that assistant coaches can:

  • Access your teams, programs, workouts, and exercises
  • Manage the team
  • Invite other athletes
  • Analyze data

Effectively, you're giving them the keys!  You can add and remove assistant coaches at anytime. Here is how.

1.  First, login to your account.

2.  Next, click on "Organizations" in the upper right-hand corner under your profile image.

3.  Now, in the "Coaches" search bar, located towards the bottom-left side, search for members of the team and add them as an assistant coach.

NOTE: Only current members of one of your teams will be on your available assistant coach list. If a coach that you'd like to add to your team isn't on your list, quickly invite them to any of your teams first.

You can remove an assistant coach anytime by clicking remove.

If you have any questions about upgrading to TrainHeroic Elite or about adding or removing assistant coaches, please let our team know by sending us an email anytime.

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