How do we log our workouts on the Leaderboard?

We encourage every athlete to log their “Luke” score on the leaderboard to compete with the thousands of athletes across the country who gave 5 minutes of their time too. If for nothing else, put your name on the leaderboard to show your support and to raise awareness for what’s happening on 9/19.

Click this link to sign-up:


  1. Create your profile and click “start training”
  2. Log your workout*

*on the day of the workout, your workout will show up by default. If you log your workout on a date other than 9/19, use the calendar on the right-hand side of the screen to navigate to 9/19 and then to log your workout

Click the Leaderboard to see how well you did!

If you have any questions on how to log your workout, please email our team at

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