Event Starter Kit


You're ready to start athlete registrations for your Lift Up Autism event!

1 in 88 kids are affected by autism. I'd wager to say that someone in your box has a family member or friend that is affected by autism. With this important event, we've got the opportunity to spread awareness and to stress the importance of early diagnosis and support for autistic children and their families.

Below is where you can search for and find a link to your box's event page:

The attached documents were designed to make things easy for you to run the event, drive engagement, and promote Lift Up Autism in your box. Here is what you can do to get things firing on all cylinders:

  1. Print the attached Event Checklist to see a step-by-step guide to hosting your event.
  2. Print and post 5 of the attached Flyers around the box to raise member awareness
  3. Paste the embed code below on your website to make it easy for athletes to register
  4. Spread the word by posting your event link to Facebook, Instagram, and email

You should have received a custom embed link that can be used on your website as a direct link for your athletes to sign up for your event:

Here is a list of event FAQ's and please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions as the event approaches.

Thanks for your support!

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