Create a Sample Week

Let's give athletes enough information about your team to make an informed decision as to whether the team is right for them.

This starts with an awesome team description. You'll also want to quickly show them what a week of training will look like once they join. Here is how to setup your sample week of training...

First, Login to your account. 

1. Choose a specific team from your My Teams page.

2. Click on the Settings tab.

3. Click on Marketplace

4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Sample Week

5. Select a date 

If you click your team's unique link, then click on Sample, you can check out what athletes will see when they view your sample week too.

Coach, I hope this helps as you setup your team in the marketplace. Keep in mind that you can update your sample week and any of your team's settings at any time. Please reach out to our Performance Team if we can give you a spot, by emailing

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