How do I link my account to Facebook or Pike13?

Quickly connect your TrainHeroic account with your Facebook or Pike13 account. We won't do any posting on your behalf and this just makes it quick and easy for you to login with just one click. 

"I have fat fingers... typing in my password on a small phone while I'm dripping sweat ain't that easy so I enjoy simply clicking the Sign In With Facebook button in order to login to TrainHeroic each day" - me

Login to your account from a computer or mobile browser..

Click on the Options menu in the upper left hand corner.

Then click on the settings icon at the bottom left hand section of your screen.

Select the Connect to Facebook or Pike13 option and type in your credentials. Once your account is linked, you can quickly disconnect them too.


You're all setup now. You can login with either your email, username, or your newly connected account!

Reach out to TrainHeroic's Performance team if you have any issues connecting your account, or if we can ever give you a spot by emailing

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