How does Lift Up Autism Work?

Great question! Here is how this will work:

You will sign up your gym as a hosting box FOR FREE here:

We will send you a starter kit with a link for your athletes to register within 24 hours of you signing up

You will promote the event and make it special

Athletes will sign up and decide if they want to just WOD, donate, or buy a t-shirt. There is no cost necessarily and it's justup to each athlete as to what level of participation they want to commit to

Your community has a ton of fun and does something special. 

We send shirts to those who bought 'em and we send a special THANK YOU to everyone, especially you for hosting

The event raises money mostly thru donations and t-shirt sales for the event and there is no minimum requirement other than "trying your best to host an awesome event." We will handle processing all funds (all the money is handled online), creating and shipping t-shirt, and preparing and sending promo materials.

There will be several updates to both box-owners and athletes as the event approaches. There will even be more info on a live leaderboard and community feed as the event approaches. This is optional for participants.

Here is an example site too:

It's that simple!

You can learn more by checking out

If you have any questions about being a host or a participant for the event, or anything else, please just say the word by emailing

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