Making Money in the Marketplace

Coach, here is a program designed to help you make gainz in the marketplace. Like any meaningful program, it ain't easy. It will take time each and every day and if you stick to it, you'll see steady progress. Over time, this steady progress will make your efforts in the marketplace worthwhile.

1. Make a website 
Use a Squarespace template (this one would work) and either fill it in yourself or have someone help you build it.
It'd be easy enough to find a freelancer on Elance or Craigslist to knock this out. You don't need a serious developer. This stuff is drag and drop. 
Even something simple is magically effective at communicating the value and importantly, having a singular call-to-action.

2. On social media posts, a great, non-salesy way to provide a uniform call to action in all of your posts throughout the day so customers don't get lost is to have a constant/recurring footer on each post 
To do this, simply:
A) Write a standard call to action piece of copy on the "Notes" app on your phone

(Pretty picture)
(then place the actual post content above this line)
{insert whatever your cool tag line is. Think, what problem are you solving?}.  Join #TeamXYZ and train with me anytime, anywhere.
Simply go to or hit the link in bio to check us out. (might make sense to emphasize the awesome coaching, community, and competitive aspects of what folks get too). 
B) Every time you post, simply copy/paste that text onto the end of the post
Your audience will get familiar with that structure and, even if they didn't see the promotional post you spent a bunch of time on once upon a time, they'll constantly have a place to go, thanks to your gentle and loving guidance.
We must remember IG is a SUPER crowded space, and most of the posts you make will get lost in the noise. It's similar to Twitter in that nature.  
So, to guarantee your desired call to action gets followed at a higher rate, rather than posting a true "promotional" post (typically these have low engagement anyway because people don't like to be "sold"), simply add this subtle recurring call to action to ALL of your great instructional/educational coaching posts that people love and engage with.  
C) Be sure to post a link to your team page in your Instagram bio.
You will first need to shorten the link using a site like A shortened link will ensure that your athletes are taken directly to your team page.
3. Until your blog / site are up and running, write articles for our blog. We'll deep link 'em to your page and promote them on social and with ads.  Think instructional niche content athletes can't get anywhere else for higher conversion rate.

They'll figure out how to get involved with you.
Our team is standing by in case you have any questions on this or on anything else. Please get in touch by emailing
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