Publishing Training Sessions

Athletes can see ALL published training sessions on the calendar, past, present, and future. Unpublished sessions are considered a work in progress, or a rough draft.

Here is how to quickly publish and un-publish workouts on your training calendar:

First, Login to your coach account and select a team. 


Pro Tip: We recommend adjusting your team's Publish options so that your workouts automatically publish at a specific time each day, OR publish sessions in bulk. This saves you time and relieves the need to publish workouts one by one. It also ensures that your athlete's receive one notification for the new programming versus a notification for each session that was individually published.

How to turn on Auto-Publish:

First, click Auto Publish icon on the upper right-hand corner.


Next, select "Yes" to enable auto-publishing and use the drop downs to set the day and time for each workout to be published.

Note that the time you choose will reflect Central Standard Time, so plan your Publish Time accordingly. Here's a link to help you easily convert from your timezone.


You'll notice that workouts with yellow highlighting at the top are not yet published, but are scheduled to be. We'll even show you when they're scheduled to publish.


How to publish sessions in bulk:

From the team's training calendar, you're able to quickly Publish ALL training sessions by clicking the green Publish button in the upper right hand corner. Clicking the green Publish button will publish everything that is showing on your calendar.

Note: Subsequent months' workouts will not publish unless you navigate to those months and click Publish too.


If you'd like to publish just a handful of session, but not all of your planned sessions you can easily do so by bulk-highlighting the sessions you'd like to publish and selecting "Publish" from the blue banner.


Publish Workouts Individually:

All workouts that say "Unpublished" at the top are not yet visible to athletes. 

Select the 3 dot menu drop down in the upper right hand corner of the workout you would like to publish. Select Publish.

Note: Your athletes will receive 1 notification per each individually published session. If you plan to publish more than one session, consider publishing them in bulk or setting them to auto-publish so your athlete doesn't feel overloaded with notifications.


If a session has already been published, you'll notice the green published sign appear above the workout (and the big green Publish button in the upper right-hand corner will turn gray).



If you have any questions please email our team at

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