Publishing & Un-publishing Training Sessions

Your Athletes have access to the team's training calendar. Athletes can see all training sessions (past and future) that are published. As the coach, your responsibility is to make sure that you have training sessions on the calendar and that you Publish training sessions so that your athletes can see them. Additionally, if you want to hedge against cherry pickers, go ahead and keep workouts un-published. Here is how to quickly publish and un-publish workouts on your training calendar.

First, Login to your coach account. 

Next, select a specific team to publish training sessions on your team's calendar.


We recommend adjusting your team's Publish options so that your workouts automatically publish at a specific time each day. This saves you time and relieves the need to publish workouts one by one. of course, you can always make exceptions by publishing specific workouts ahead of schedule too and you'll read more about that as you scroll thru this story.

First, click Auto Publish icon on the upper right-hand corner.


Next, enable auto-publishing and use the drop downs set the day and time that you'd like auto-publishing to take place for each workout. Note that the time you choose will reflect Central time, so plan your Publish Time accordingly. Here's a link to help you easily convert from your timezone.



You'll notice that workouts with gold at the top are not yet published, but are scheduled to be. We'll even show you when they're scheduled to publish.


From the team's training calendar, you're able to quickly publish and un-publish ALL training sessions by clicking the green Publish button in the upper right hand corner. Clicking the green Publish button will publish everything that is showing on your calendar. Keep in mind that subsequent months' workouts will not publish unless you navigate to those months and click Publish too.


You can also publish workouts individually. I know, I know... so many options!

All workouts with red lines at the top are un-published. And, you'll quickly know that an unpublished workout appears on your calendar when the Publish button in the upper right hand corner is lit up green too.

Select the 3 dot menu drop down in the upper right hand corner of the workout you would like to publish. Select Publish.


You'll notice the green published sign appear above the workout and the big green Publish button in the upper right-hand corner will turn gray.



In summary, publishing workouts is super important. Your athletes can't see your workouts unless they are published on the team's calendar. We suggest setting up auto-publishing to keep things simple and save you time. But, if you're not into simplicity or saving time, or auto-publishing just doesn't fit your needs, you can publish everything at once or publish day by day with just a few clicks too.

If you have any questions on publishing or un-publishing training sessions, or anything else, please just say the word by emailing our team at

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