Workout Embed: Display Sessions on Your Website

Enable the embed option from the CoachHeroic dashboard to automatically display published workouts on any of your teams' training calendar. It's quick and easy to get done too. Check it out below.

1. Login to your Coach account.

2. Click on your avatar on the upper right hand corner of your screen and select My Organizations

3. Enable the embed option by clicking the checkmark.

4. Select which teams you'd like to enable. Selecting multiple teams will allow athletes to click from a drop-down menu to select which team and date they'd like to view.

5. Copy the embed link into your website. This can be ANY website, and doesn't need to be Wordpress specifically.

Create a new post, page, or item in the drop-down menu, perhaps called WOD or TRAINING.

Then, add the embed link.

Check out a preview and get comfy with how this looks and feels. Notice that you can toggle between the session and leaderboard, switch between teams, and even select any date on the calendar where sessions are published.

If you have any questions on embedding your session and Leaderboard, please let us know. Email our team anytime at We're here an happy to give you a spot!

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