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Creating and Editing workouts can be quick and easy and there is definitely a technique to getting this done effectively and efficiently. Check out this short video on how to program.

If you have questions on how to program specific types of workouts, check out this article for a spot.

First, Login to your coach account. 

Next, decide where you'd like to create your training session. You can create a session directly on the team's calendar or within a training program (which will then be added to the team's calendar once it's complete).

In this case, we will click on a specific team to create a training session on your team's calendar.

To create a new training session, simply hover over Build Workout on the date where you'd like to add the session. This gives you two options: ADD TEXT ONLY or ADD FROM LIBRARY. ADD TEXT ONLY instructions are immediately below. ADD FROM LIBRARY instructions are a bit further down if you need to skip ahead.


Choosing this option immediately opens your workout builder. 

First, name your section. This could be anything from "10min AMRAP" to "Fran."

Then include your instructions for the workout. Good examples for ADD TEXT ONLY are the following: 

For time


Thrusters 95/65#


Workouts that are NOT a good example for using ADD TEXT ONLY:

5x3 back squat @80%

Choose whether or not to make this section a Leaderboard next. Include your leaderboard instructions (what score is required to show on the leaderboard), the metric you're measuring by and if necessary Advanced Options. This will track the leaderboard score back to the original movement/combo. In this case Fran.

Finally, add exercise videos for the movements in your section. This step is so athletes still have access to demo videos and Points of Performance.

This completes this section. To add a new section choose either TEXT ONLY or FROM LIBRARY in blue on the left.


This option also opens your workout builder. 

Start searching your exercise library for movements. Keep in mind that the follow are GOOD and BAD examples of FROM LIBRARY workouts.


5x3 back squat @80%

3x10 Splits Squats and Front Rack Step-ups



10min AMRAP

Basically anything that you want history on, ie weight numbers, needs to be done in ADD FROM LIBRARY.

Next add your reps and weight. Feel free to include any exercise instructions for this specific movement. Use the arrows to toggle between multiple movements. You can also use the vertical dots in the far right to reorder. Use the drop downs to the left of the table to choose different parameters. These could include Weight in LB/KG/%, Time, Distance/Height, Cals, RPE, Watts, Velocity, or Linear Weight Progression (WT+). 


Don't forget to name your section and include any section instructions necessary. You can also make these types of sections leaderboards as well.

Additionally, you can search for Favorites (whether TEXT ONLY or FROM LIBRARY) here. Adding a saved Favorite to a section will automatically fill in all instructions, videos and leaderboard settings.

Once you save and close, you're back on the calendar view. Click on the vertical dots in the top right of the workout you just created. Name your workout.

Also in this drop down you can Publish your workout, view a Preview of the workout, Save as Template to use for another day/team, create a New Session, Copy the Session to a different day, or Close.

If you have any questions on creating and editing workout, or anything else, please just say the word by emailing our Performance Team at

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