Creating Training Sessions

Creating and editing training sessions can be quick and easy, with lots of flexibility.

Check out this short video on how to program.

The Basics

First, decide where you'd like to create your training session. You can create a session directly on the Team or athlete's calendar or in the Library as a Program.

In this case, we will select a Team to create a training session on the team's calendar.


To create a new training session, simply hover over the date you would like to add a session to and select + ADD.


This will bring you to the session designer. Select Add New Session.


Re-name your session and add any Session Notes to direct your athletes.


Select Add Block, to create the first block of your new session.


From here, use the search bar 'Select Exercise or Circuit' to find an exercise or circuit from your library. If you're unable to find the appropriate exercise or circuit, you can always create a New Exercise or New Circuit.


Selecting a Circuit from the library will automatically populate the Circuit Details, videos, and Leaderboard. If needed, you can edit the Circuit Details, add or remove videos, change the Leaderboard parameter, or use the toggle to remove the Leaderboard.


If you select an Exercise from the library you will then be prompted to Select Prescription or create a Custom (Table).


Select the Table or Notes icon to expand the Exercise Details.


From here, you can add Exercise Notes, add or remove videos, edit the prescriptions, and turn on the Leaderboard.


The three dot menu on the upper right will allow you to "Test" or Delete the block.

Note: Testing will effectively reset the athlete's working max, and that value will not change until the next testing day.


The drop down menu on the upper left will allow you to change the Block Category.


To create a Superset, hover between blocks and select the link icon.


You can rearrange exercises and supersets by selecting the arrows next to the blocks.


To delete a block, select the trashcan icon next to the block.


New Circuit

Select New Circuit. From here, you can enter your Circuit Details, prescribe the Results, add any relevant videos, and also save this circuit to your library by selecting Save Circuit to Library.



New Exercise

From a new block, Select Create Exercise to create and save an exercise to your Library. The Create Exercise drawer on the right will prompt you to title your exercise and set Default Parameters. You can also choose to include your own video by including a Youtube or Vimeo url.

Note: Youtube links will need to be "Public" or "Unlisted." All Vimeo links must be "Public."


Also in this drawer, you can Reference Max for when loads are prescribed in weight %. If you're planning to track your athlete's progress, use Track As to indicate which TrainHeroic exercise you would like to link this exercise to for the purpose of tracking numbers.


Finally, include Points of Performance with tips to best perform this exercise, and use Tags to apply filters and help narrow your search when sifting through the Library.


When building a session, you can hover over dates on the Calendar to view past sessions, for reference.


Your blocks and sessions will automatically save to your calendar as you work. To make the sessions public, select Publish Session at the top right menu.


In this menu, you can Publish your session, view a Preview of the session, Save Session to Library to use for another day/team, or Delete your session by selecting the trashcan icon.

If you have any questions on creating and editing a session, please email our Customer Success Team at

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