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Coach, to-date you've sold athlete and coach subscriptions to your team's training program. Athlete and coach subscriptions allow your customers to see your team's training calendar, view your team's workouts, log your workouts, participate in your team's community, and view the team's leaderboards. Although joining a team allows you to create a virtual gym experience and grow that community, athlete and coach subscriptions only allow access to your team's training program, on your schedule, not theirs.

We received lots of feedback from athletes and coaches asking how to start from the beginning. We know most of your programs can be joined mid-cycle, but we needed to give coaches and athletes the option to start at the beginning of a training cycle.

We just launched Programs as a product that you can sell in the Marketplace. Here is how selling Programs works.

Instead of selling a subscription to your "team" you can now sell your programs. These can be created here

First, click on 'Library' from the left-hand side. Under "Programs", click on the Program you wish to sell in the Marketplace.


Next, click on the gear icon to open your program's settings towards the right side of the page. 


Select "Marketplace" from the Settings menu on the left and choose Yes when prompted if you want to sell access to this program in the Marketplace. This will automatically set your program to unlisted so you have time to set pricing before it's live.


Set your pricing for an annual subscription. Coaches/athletes will receive access to the program to be used as many times as they wish for an entire year. After that year they can choose to pay the subscription fee again, or can cancel at anytime. The annual price for programs sold to coaches must be at least $30. Athletes must be at least $15. We recommend pricing your programs at $1-2 per workout.

We will generate a unique link to your program in the Marketplace. Use this for marketing purposes, or if you wish to leave your program unlisted and want to give it to specific clients only. 

Include a description or video URL. Keep in mind that your sample week will automatically be the first week of the program.

The last step is to check No for Do you want this program to be unlisted? This makes your link public and searchable in the Marketplace.

Access codes and promo codes work the same for programs as they do for teams.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback on selling program or anything else, please let us know by emailing the Performance Team at

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