Add Purchased Programming to Your Team: For Coaches

Coach, once you've purchased a program from the TrainHeroic Marketplace, you'll want to add that program to a Team. A Team is just a group of athletes on TrainHeroic.

Here is how to set that up.

First, login to your account by clicking here.

From Teams, select 'Create New' to create a new Team.


Give your Team a name and an Access Code. Your Access Code will help you to invite your athletes later.


Once your Team has been created, you'll land on the Team's calendar. Select the 'Add from Library' icon in your upper right-hand menu.


Finally, you can easily turn your programming on/of by selecting the subscription from your Library drawer.


Once your program has been assigned to the team, it's time to invite your athletes to the team.

If you have any questions on adding a program to your team, or anything else, let us know by emailing

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