How to Add a Program to Your Calendar

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What is a program? A program is a training plan created by a coach that is set for a given amount of time. The length of a typical program varies, but can be as short as a week and as long as a year. When you purchase a program you have access to it for an entire year, which means that you could assign the Program to your calendar over and over again. 

 Click here if you would like to view the current Programs available. 

Follow these directions if you will be using the app, and if you're on a computer, scroll down a bit.

1. Login to the app using your mobile device. 

2. Click on "Account" from the lower right-hand corner, then select the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner.


3. Select Teams & Programs.


4. Select 'Place On Calendar,' then choose a start (or finish date).


To view your training sessions, select Training from the menu at the bottom of the page.


To remove a program from the calendar select the 'X' next to the program length. 


To completely remove a Program from your Account, select the trashcan icon to the right of the Program.



Follow these directions if you will be using a computer:

First login to your account here.

Next, select the menu on the upper left-hand corner.

 From there select My Programming. 

At the top of the page select Programs. 


This will take you to a list of your purchased programs. Select Place on Calendar. 


From here you can click to choose a start date. If you wish to end the program on a certain date, you may select an end date instead. 

Select the date from the calendar.

Your programming is now on the calendar and ready for use.

To place the program on the calendar at another date, select Place Another. 

To remove the program from your calendar. Select the trash icon. 

 If you wish to cancel a program Select the three dots to the right of the program name and select Delete. 



The Customer Success Team is here and happy to give you a spot anytime that you need one. Email with questions about adding a program or anything else.




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