Analyze the Data: Benchmark and Activity Reports

Put real numbers around your athletes' performance with just a few clicks. Use reports to view your athletes' attendance, numbers, and progress. These reports can save your Sundays and help you hold your athletes accountable. We recommend participation reports each week to make sure your athletes are doing the right thing. Progress reports are excellent tools that you can use to have conversations with your athletes and reports will help tell a story about each of your athletes. Here is how to get value from TrainHeroic's reports today...

First, login here.

Select Reports from the top toolbar on the left.

Next, select Create New.

 Select the report you'd like to Run:

Benchmark Progress shows changes in benchmark values over a given time period. This is great for showing progress in tested benchmarks.

Benchmark Snapshot shows benchmark values compared across multiple points in time. This is best for comparing tested values across seasons/semesters.

For both Benchmark Progressand Benchmark Snapshot Reports:                                    
(A) indicates that this is an Actual score that was logged by the athlete or was updated by the athlete on their working max page.                                                                                                                              
(T) indicates a tested value where the system replaced a previous score.                
(E) indicates an estimated value. For example, the athlete may have logged a 3 rep max and the system estimated what their 10 rep max would be based on that number. 

Participation shows the missed, viewed and completed workouts for athletes in a specific team across any date range. 

On the Participation report:                                                                          

X indicates that the athlete missed the workout.                                                  

V indicates that the athlete viewed the workout.                                   

 indicates that the athlete logged their workout. 

Name your report on the upper left. 

Select the type of report you wish to run as well as the teams and/or programs, and athletes that you wish to view the report for. Once you select the teams and athletes, you will be asked to select a date range and benchmark(s).



For the participation report you will not be asked to select any benchmarks, but you will need to select a date range 


Once you have set your parameters, select Create & Run Report.


Any of these reports may be exported into an excel file using the export button. 


If you have any questions on running a report, or anything else, please contact the Performance Team at

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