Classic Benchmark and Activity Reports

Review your athletes' attendance, numbers, and progress.

Once your athletes are logging, share their progress and see where they currently fall with Benchmark Reports.

Note: Our Classic Reports are slowly being replaced by our new and improved Analytics. For now, we recommend using Analytics for lifts and compliance, and our Classic Benchmark Reports for nonlifts.

For more on reviewing athlete data, CLICK HERE.

Select Analytics & Reports from the left-hand menu. Then select 'To Classic Reports.'


Next, select Create New.

Select the report you'd like to run:


Percentage change for a given benchmark over time.


The athlete's WM or current state, as of a specific date.

(A) indicates that this is an Actual score that was logged by the athlete or was updated by the athlete on their working max page.                                                                                                                              
(T) indicates a tested value where the system replaced a previous score.                
(E) indicates an estimated value. For example, the athlete may have logged a 3 rep max and the system estimated what their 10 rep max would be based on that number. 


Missed, viewed, and completed workouts for athletes in a specific team across any date range. 


X indicates that the athlete missed the workout.                                                  

V indicates that the athlete viewed the workout.                                   

 indicates that the athlete logged their workout. 

Name your report in the upper-left.

Choose your Team and athletes, date range, finally and benchmarks (for benchmark reports only).




Select Create & Run Report.


Any of these reports may be exported into a CSV file using the export button, or edited using the pencil icon.


If you have any questions on running a report, or anything else, please contact the Customer Success Team at

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