How To Join Your Team In-App

If you're training in-facility or working with a coach directly, they will give you an access code. You can use this code to quickly join the team using the TrainHeroic app. 

Please note that these directions are only if you have an access code. You may sign up for additional teams in our Marketplace.

For more information on downloading the app, click here

If you do not yet have an account with TrainHeroic and have been given an access code, watch below for a quick how to:



From the main page, select ENTER ACCESS CODE, type in your access code and select Next.

           Screen_Shot_2017-06-01_at_1.59.01_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2017-06-06_at_3.20.52_PM.png       

Next Select Join Team.


Last, create an account by entering your name, desired username and a password. The username and password will later be used to log into your account.  


If you already have a login, follow these instructions:

When logged into the app, click on Account from the lower right-hand corner and select the Settings Icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Once on the Settings page, select Teams & Programs, and select 'Add team or program' to enter the Access Code for a Team or Program.
You will then receive a pop-up that asks if you want to add the team to your account, select "Join Team."


Congratulations, you are now on the team and you can start logging your workouts right away!

If you have any questions with joining the team, or anything else, let the TrainHeroic Performance Team know by emailing

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